Kylie Jenner goes to prom with teen who got turned down

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Northern California teenager became the most popular kid in school after getting turned down by the girl he asked to prom.

He ended up taking  Kylie Jenner instead.

When Jenner and her friend Jordyn Woods showed up at Rio Americano High School’s prom on Saturday night, Albert Ochoa became an instant social media sensation.

It’s not clear how Ochoa got Jenner’s attention; his sister was utterly shocked.

Students at the prom went into total fan-girl mode when Jenner and Woods walked in.

Ochoa’s sister tweeted a video of him hugging Jenner as students snapped photos and cheered.

It looks like Jenner had her own camera crew there, so maybe Ochoa will make an appearance in an episode of “Keeping up the Kardashians.”

Whatever happens, it sure looks like Ochoa had a night to remember.

Now he’s inspiring guys all over.

So what about the girl who declined to go with Ochoa in the first place?

Her sister later said on Twitter that she turned down Ochoa’s invitation because he is her friend’s older brother.

In 2013, when Jenner offered tips for the “ultimate prom” to Seventeen magazine. The third choice was “choose your date very wisely.”