Arvada’s dog waste problem perplexing police

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Dog ownership has many facets. But the least desirable one is, well, we all know about that one.

In Arvada, too many dog owners are not picking up after their furry family members.

It has become a big problem.

"A lot of Arvada citizens do the right thing and clean up after their pets, so we also have some that think, 'Someone else is already cleaning up, I'll leave mine,'" police spokeswoman Jill McGranaham said.

"There was the recent open space in Evergreen that was closed permanently because of dog waste and E. coli in the water. We have a great community in Arvada and we want to make sure it stays that way."

McGranaham said Arvada doesn't have magical dog waste fairies to clean up after dogs.

"This is not the city's responsibility and so we are not going to come out and clean it," she said.

Violations with the city are no laughing matter. Fines run up to $2,650 and the law allows for six months in the county jail for repeat offenders.

And just looking around the open space area at Wadsworth Boulevard and West 58th Avenue, one would say there are many repeat offenders.

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