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Colorado man loses 7 family members in Syrian bombing

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DENVER -- A Colorado man is mourning the loss of seven family members after their home was bombed in Syria.

Mahmoud Kassir has lost 33 family members to the war in Syria. The most recent bombing claimed the life of his sister.

"It's just like a dream or a nightmare and you're just waking up and like is this real?" Kassir said.

Kassir said he's shed a lot of tears. However, he said he's becoming somewhat numb to the violence. Every time his phone buzzes, he now expects bad news.

"You become numb. We see so many movies. It's like you're in a slaughterhouse and you lose feeling," Kassir said.

More than 120 bomb strikes have been reported across the city of Ghouta this week.

Meanwhile, near Damascus, doctors were overwhelmed as hospitals were flooded with patients after a chemical strike that killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds of others.

"I've never seen anything like it in my life," said one Syrian doctor. "I also didn't see anyone of military nature among the dead. There was no one who appeared to be a fighter at all," he added.

Mahmoud said his sadness has morphed into outrage. He's upset someone would take innocent lives, and also upset America's government has thus far refused to intervene.

"Why are people sitting back and doing nothing?" he asked. "They just sit back and watch."

Only four of Kassir's family members survived the bombing in Ghouta.

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