Players hit deck as bees swarm infield of Rockies spring training game

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- Players from the Rockies and San Diego Padres laid flat after bees swarmed the infield during Thursday's spring training game.

Bees first gathered on a microphone behind home plate before breaking off and swarming the infield in the ninth inning of the Rockies' 10-5 win.

Players and umpires were forced to hit the deck, and the stadium announcer told the crowd to steer clear.

Padres pitcher Trey Wingenter stepped off the mound as the bees hit the infield before dropping to a knee.

Rockies batter Daniel Castro did the same, then Wingenter, Castro, plate umpire Alex Tosi and everyone else in the infield dropped flat on their stomachs.

Players and umpires stayed down for a few seconds before the game resumed.

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