Barista boy sells coffee from his Volkswagen bug

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DENVER -- When I heard the story of the barista boy selling coffee from his vintage Volkswagen Beetle, I was immediately struck by the poetic feel of his tale.

So, the following is the story, written in prose, of Matthew Pendleton from Denver who sells gourmet coffee every morning in downtown Denver:

Turning frowns upside down in the cold Denver air, sits a blue-eyed boy in a Volkswagen bug, with a cap over unruly hair

His task at hand for every woman and man is to brighten up their day with the smell of gold from aroma bold,

It's the barista boy in the little red bug

"I had the idea one day, just came my way. I've never seen it before,"  he said.

I took one sip, and then another, then another more.

Inside the small car, never too far, he's brewing up Joe from a wee tiny car.

I asked quite candidly if there was room in the car, for me to sit down at the tiny tiny bar.

"No," he said.

So at the end of the day if you expect him to stay, you might as well give it a shrug

For the boy in the car is never too far

The Barista Boy in the little red bug

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