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Douglas County deputies come to aid of woman’s dying service dog

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office came to the aid of a woman struggling to lift her ill service dog into her car to take him to the emergency veterinary clinic -- and the pet's owner remains incredulous of the care that was shown.

Sandy Ash and her service dog visiting Santa. (Photo: Sandy Ash)

Sandy Ash called the sheriff's nonemergency number on March 13, explained the situation and was greeted by responding deputies just five minutes after ending the call.

A K-9 and patrol officer placed Ash's 158-pound dog into the car and accompanied the woman to the vet.

Ash was blown away by the deputies' care for her situation.

"These two officers escorted us to the emergency vet clinic to make sure they were able to lift my service dog out of the vehicle and get him in to get the care he so desperately needed," she said.

Photo: Sandy Ash

"He would have died there on the cold, dark driveway that morning if they had not come to help my friend and I. They must have called ahead to the clinic, as the door to the clinic was cracked open and the vets were at the end of the hall headed toward the door with a gurney as the deputies entered the clinic."

One deputy left his phone number because he wanted Ash to let him know how the dog was doing after the visit.

Ash had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her sick dog after a cancerous tumor was found during the vet visit.

Ash still managed to find a bright silver lining in the dark situation.

"I had one shining beacon of light that night, their kindness and help in my time of need," she said. "Every day these men and women leave home not knowing if they will come home, and every day they are there for us and keep us safe."