Board Game convention coming to Denver!

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- There's a resurgence going on in the world of board games. Candy Land, Mouse Trap and Monopoly are all popular, but the ones seeing huge sales are 'heavy' games.

Heavy games are pretty complex. They're not based off of big themes or wild colors, but more so the mechanics involved with creating an interesting game!

"It just is all encompassing when you’re at the table," said Edward Uhler.

Uhler and his wife Amanda own more than 800 board games. They started collecting them in 2012.

The couple also host a popular podcast called 'Heavy Cardboard', which discusses the games.

"Meeting people is probably the most enjoyable part of the podcast," Edward said.

The Uhlers are also hosting a board game convention in Denver Memorial Day Weekend. It will be their third convention.

To learn more about the convention and Heavy Cardboard's podcast/blog click here. Or watch Kevin Torres' "Unique 2 Colorado" by selecting 'play' on the video above.