‘Livid’ mom says TSA agents traumatized special-needs son with ‘horrifying’ security check

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GRAPEVINE, Texas — A mother is accusing Transportation Security Administration agents of detaining her disabled son for “well over an hour” and treating them “like dogs.”

No only that, Jennifer Williamson says the TSA deliberately kept them from their flight, all because she asked that they not screen her son Aaron, who has a sensory disorder, with a pat-down.

Her video of the screening at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has gone viral, saying she was “livid” and said the interchange was “horrifying.”

The TSA said Williamson and her son were at the checkpoint for 45 minutes, which included the time it took to discuss screening procedures. It said all proper procedures were followed.

Williamson said her son set off no alarms in the security line and called those involved in the pat-down “power tripping TSA agents.”

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