District attorney gets extension for filing charges in theft case against veteran

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. — The Weld County District Attorney’s Office has been granted a 30-day extension on the deadline to file charges against a veteran from Broomfield.

Cory Hixson disappeared a few weeks ago only to end up in jail in Greeley after allegedly stealing a sweater and some food.

Hixson is a Marine veteran and father of two who was badly wounded and lost an eye during two tours in Iraq. His family said he had a breakdown and left the home without a coat or shoes.

His family shared the struggles he has faced getting treatment from Veterans Affairs. Since that time, two congressman have said they want an investigation into VA care for Hixson.

A spokesman said the district attorney’s office wants to exhaust all options in Hixson’s case and make sure he gets the help he needs.

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