Trump: Let Obamacare ‘explode’

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WASHINGTON -- After he instructed Speaker Paul Ryan to pull the controversial health care repeal bill, President Donald Trump slammed Obamacare.

"I've been saying for the last year and a half that the best thing we can do politically speaking is let Obamacare explode. It is exploding right now. It's, many states have big problems," Trump said.

"Almost all states have big problems. I was in Tennessee the other day and they've lost half of their state in terms of an insurer. They have no insurer and that's happening to many other places. I was in Kentucky the other day and similar things are happening. So Obamacare is exploding."

Trump went on to praise Ryan and again took a chance to criticize Obama's signature health care plan which will remain in effect.

"I want to thank Paul Ryan. He worked very very hard. I will tell you that. He worked very very hard. Tom Price and Mike Pence who's right here, our vice president, our great vice president, everybody worked hard," Trump said.

"I worked as a team player and would've loved to have seen it pass but again I think you know I was very clear, 'cause I think there wasn't a speech I made, or very few, where I didn't mention that perhaps the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today because we'll end up with a truly great health care bill in the future after this mess known as Obamacare explodes."

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