The GALS School Incorporates Physical Fitness in the Curriculum

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Do you remember going to school and towards the afternoon, falling asleep because you had been sitting so long? Well there are no nap breaks at a school called GALS. They have bikes in the classrooms and they leave campus to do CrossFit. If it sounds unconventional, you're right! Joana took a look.

At GALS, it's common to walk into a classroom and see girls doing push ups and riding stationary bikes.  Twice a week, they leave campus for an unconventional PE class at CrossFit DeCO. A the GALS School, they believe physical fitness and movement help the brain do it's best work in the classroom.

The program has done so well locally that CrossFit DeCO is going national by partnering with GALS National. If you want more information about CrossFit DeCO, go to or call (720)440-2332. They are also offering a Summer camp, so look into that as well.

The Denver GALS School is located at 750 Galapagos Street. You can learn more at

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