Sunshine Fire 100 percent contained; residents return home

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BOULDER, Colo. -- After days battling a wildfire that spread along Sunshine Canyon in Boulder County, crews finally contained the blaze Monday evening.

Residents who were forced to evacuate returned home Monday morning.

The Larson family packed up their necessities early Sunday morning.

"My son noticed an orange glow over the hillside and that's when you can start smelling the smoke," Gregg Larson said.

The family said although they prepared for the worst, they still hoped for the best.

Larson and his family have dealt with three dangerous grass fires within the past few years, but this is the first time they had to pack up and get out. Larson captured stunning video of the flames ripping through the canyon.

"You can see the fire growing and these trees getting engulfed in flames within seconds," Larson said.

Fire officials described the canyon as summer-like with very dry conditions. Officials believe the fire was started by a transient passing through the area.

"It's really frustrating because I don’t think there's a good solution, and I worry about the kids and where we are presents a lot of challenges," Brooke Larson said.

Fighting large wildfires comes with a hefty price tag. The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is responsible for filing emergency fire fund assistance from the state to cover expenses.

Sheriff Joe Pelle said nearly $500,000 was spent Sunday on helicopters, tankers and hundreds of firefighters.

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