California Mother receives letter from son 14 years after his death

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STOCKTON, Calif. — Aaron Vickers was gunned down as a 19-year-old in California nearly 14 years ago, leaving his family devastated and his child without a dad.

Aaron Vickers

Vicker’s girlfriend was six weeks pregnant when the father of her child was killed.

Now, more than a decade later, Vickers’ family feels as though they’ve gotten another chance to connect with him.

As a junior in high school, Vickers’ teacher, Daryl Hutchins, asked his students to write a letter to their future selves.

Hutchins promised his students that he would mail the letters back in 10 years.

When Hutchins learned that Vickers had died in a drive-by shooting, he was determined to get the letter into the right hands.

He tracked down Vickers’ sister, Tyra Vickers-Kearney, after the recent anniversary of his former student’s death.

According to Inside Edition, Facebook brought the two together and Hutchins dropped the letter in the mail.

Vickers’ sister said they were on edge while waiting for the letter.

“The days waiting for the letter, the anticipation was so high. We were wondering, what did the letter say? You know, I hope it’s not like a one-liner,” she said.

“I opened the letter and saw his handwriting and tears filled my eyes.”

Vickers didn’t respond to the writing assignment with a single sentence. His thoughts covered four pages, with musing ranging from his desire to have a daughter to political predictions.

“He mentioned, in 10 years, we’ll probably have a black vice president, or maybe a woman will run for president,” his sister said.

Deanetta Vickers, Aaron’s mother, described the letter as a blessing.

“I’ve never felt his presence like that in the past 14 years, but I felt like he was sitting right next to the side of me,” she said. “Extremely thankful and grateful and blessed is what we feel.”

The person responsible for killing Vickers was never caught.