Achieve Your Financial Dreams

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Ladies, are you tired of having nothing left at the end of the month, struggling to save money, and if you can save, watching it go up and down in the stock market? Then it's time to take charge and do something for yourself and your family. Our financial planner is going to show you how to get started right away, no more procrastinating!

Joseph Quijano is a Certified Financial Planner, published author, and national financial educator. He's hosting three educational events to show you how to make your money work for you. Joseph joined us in studio to show how he can help you achieve your financial dreams.

If you want to finance your own purchases, pay yourself interest instead of the bank, and have tax free paychecks for life at retirement, then call (877)299-9957 to reserve your seats for one of the free educational and life-changing events. They are happening Tuesday, March 21 in Northglenn, Wednesday, March 22 in Lakewood, and Thursday, March 23 in Centennial. They all begin at 6:30 PM.

Space is limited, so register now! If the line is busy, you can register online at If you're one of the first 10 callers to register, you will receive a free report on "How to Turbo-Charge Your Retirement."