U2C Weekend Round-Up: Frozen Dead Guy Days, Monte Vista Crane Festival & the cutest cub!

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DENVER -- This is one of the best weekends for Colorado festivals all year long! We listed three of the most fascinating events that are Unique 2 Colorado below.

Frozen Dead Guy Days: This very well could be the quirkiest festival in Colorado each year. The event is inspired by an actual dead guy whose body is still frozen in Nederland. Frozen Dead Guy Days continues through the weekend. Full details can be found by clicking here.

Monte Vista Crane Festival: This is one of the most visual things you'll ever see in Colorado! This weekend, Monte Vista is hosting its annual crane festival. Thousands of sand cranes will descend on the San Luis Valley on their way up north. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Fishing Cat Cub: The Denver Zoo is pretty pumped to welcome its first successful birth of a fishing cat. Its name is Miso-Chi (pronounced: MEE-soh-CHEE). The cub was born on January 25; the zoo still isn't sure if it's a male or female yet. You can see it practice diving for fish by heading to the Marynelle Philpott Fishing Cat Lagoon at Toyota Elephant Passage. If you don't know where the lagoon is, click here to download or print a FREE zoo map.

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