Serious interview on BBC turns hilarious when children barge into room

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LONDON -- A serious interview on the British Broadcasting Corporation with a political science professor turned hilarious Friday morning.

Robert Kelly was talking via Skype about the impeachment of the South Korean president when his children stole the show.

First, a small child wearing a bright yellow jumper and glasses walks in and starts playing with a toy as Kelly continues to speak.

Anchor James Menendez attempts to continue the interview after telling Kelly a child had walked into the room.

Without stopping, Kelly tries to block the child from the camera without looking behind him.

But the situation wasn't over as a toddler rolled into the room in a walker and crashes into the desk, making a racket.

Moments later, a mortified woman, perhaps the children's mother or nanny, runs into the room to yank the children out as Kelly offers his apologies.

Yells can be heard in the background as Kelly continues to calmly talk about the South Korea situation.

"Robert, many thanks," Menendez laughs at the end of the segment.