Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis to undergo chemotherapy after testicular cancer spreads

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis said Friday the testicular cancer he was diagnosed with late last year had spread and he soon will begin a regimen of chemotherapy.

Bettis, 27, had a routine checkup last week when his oncologist thought he saw inflamed lymph nodes.

A biopsy came back that the testicular cancer had unexpectedly spread.

“Although my blood tumor markers remain at normal levels, it’s clear that I need to be aggressive in my fight against this illness,” Bettis said in a statement. “Without being proactive, we wouldn’t have caught this.

“I am committed to beating this cancer. My family and I are grateful for the support of the Major League Baseball Players Association, the Rockies organization and the fans.”

The native of Lubbock, Texas, underwent surgery on Nov. 29 after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.