Revolutionary treatment for sagging skin

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Have you noticed your skin feeling a little less firm, just due to the aging process? Or maybe it never tightened up after pregnancy and baby, or maybe you've lost weight and have loose sagging skin. Well you don't have to live with it! Renowned facial plastic surgeon, Doctor Jack Zamora, joined us in studio to show us a revolutionary treatment getting dramatic results and restoring the elasticity in your skin. Watch the segment to see all the areas you can firm up on your body.

The revolutionary J-Plazty Procedure was created by Dr. Zamora, and now he's training other doctors across the country to do it.

Get back the look and feel of the skin you had in your 20's with the J-Plazty Body Procedure, only available with Dr. Jack Zamora. Dr. Z and his team at Jack Zamora M.D. Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics are offering Colorado's Best viewers an exclusive deal- get $500 off your J-Plazty Body Procedure! Just text "PLASMA" to 95577 to take advantage of this special offer.

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