3 people seriously injured in Bailey house explosion

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BAILEY, Colo. — Three people were seriously injured in a house explosion in Bailey in the mountains southwest of Denver late Friday night. Their injuries were described as severe burns.

The damage to the house was apparent Saturday morning. Tucked away on a quiet ridge, the large mountain home sat empty.

Gene Stanley, the Park County Emergency Management director, said it happened in the Burland subdivision of Bailey. The house is on South Ridge Road.

Half of it was charred and barren after Friday night’s explosion, which sparked a fire that ripped through half of the rooms.

The nearest neighbors live a long and twisting road.

“It makes me sad that this can happen so close,” said Kathy Lederhos, whose house sits on the ridge above.

Friday night, Lederhos and her husband, Keith, heard the sirens and stepped outside to see the flames.

“Amazingly, it was just pretty much contained to the house,” Keith Lederhos said.

Who was living in the house is still in question. But those inside when the explosion happened ended up at a gas station 10 minutes up the road.

“I could only see their backs and everything, and one looked like his shirt was completely like burned onto his skin and the other one didn’t have a shirt on,” said Johnna Myers, who saw two of the burn victims waiting for help inside the Loaf ‘N Jug.

“The guy’s whole hand was off. They had cut marks on them. They had them on their elbow.”

The Park County sheriff won’t confirm how the victims got there. Witnesses say they were dropped off, severely burned, by someone in a silver truck.

“Badly burned victims just dropped off. No, I can’t imagine that,” Keith Lederhos said.

Three burn victims were airlifted out. Swedish Medical Center said it had one of the patients.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

Crews from the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District along with Elk Creek Fire fought the fire.