Hundreds of fans on waitlist to get crack at Broncos season tickets

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DENVER -- Hundreds of Broncos season tickets soon will be up for grabs. For the first time in six years, the team is making them available for those who have been anxiously waiting.

Nearly 75,000 fans are on a season ticket waitlist. Broncos officials said Thursday the waitlist number will be going down by about 1,000 with those waiting the longest getting first dibs.

“There’s hope,” fan Sammy Stephenson said.

Stephenson, talking football with friends at Stoney’s Bar and Grill on Thursday, has been waiting for five years.

“Maybe we’ll get it this year and not have to spend all this extra money to buy tickets on StubHub or somewhere else,” he said.

At the very least, Stephenson, who goes to four games a year, will move up in the line.

But those likely to have a chance to buy season tickets have been waiting much longer. Some people have been waiting more than a decade to catch their season pass and this might be their opportunity.

Broncos officials said a recent audit of their nearly 22,000 season ticket accounts found several hundred people -- owning about 1,000 season tickets -- did not attend a single game last season.

Instead, those ticket holders are suspected of selling their tickets to make a profit. The Broncos made a decision to revoke those accounts.

The move will not only benefit those on the waitlist. Current season ticket holders will be given the chance to get better seats, according to the team.

“I call [the Broncos] every year,” lifelong fan Mark Martinez said.

Martinez, who has been waiting for 10 years, might have to wait even longer. But he said he will be on the lookout for an email from his favorite team -- just in case.

“I’ve been moving a little bit here and there,” Martinez said. “Every year I’ve been moving down.”

The Broncos said they plan to put more single-game tickets up for sale starting in July.