Police find 60-pound pig ‘hogging the road’ in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A police officer in Colorado Springs responded to a report of a traffic hazard and found a real road hog.

When the officer arrived in the area near Spruce Street and Platte Avenue, he found a 60-pound pig.

(Photo: Colorado Springs Police Department)

The Colorado Springs Police Department said Mooshu was hamming it up near the Clarion Hotel.

Apparently, the pig had wandered away from home about two blocks away.

It’s not clear if the piggy was on its way to the market.

“The pig was coaxed back into the yard with treats of what else — bacon — from the hotel’s buffet,” police stated.

(Photo: Colorado Springs Police Department)

“There was no sign of a pulled ham-string and the pig is in good health.”