Governor skeptical about marijuana bills advancing at Capitol

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DENVER -- Marijuana has been a hot topic during the 2017 Colorado legislative session.

On Wednesday, measures that would allow marijuana home deliveries and pot clubs advanced with bipartisan support.

During a midsession briefing with reporters Thursday, Gov. John Hickenlooper was asked if he would sign a bill that would allow marijuana delivery.

"I don't know, I'll have to see what the bill said. But I do not think given the uncertainty in Washington this is the time to be reaching for trying to carve out new turf," Hickenlooper said.

Part of Hickenlooper's reasoning is fears the federal government might institute a crackdown on marijuana under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In regards to more pot clubs, the governor expressed skepticism there too.

"Smoking is bad for you," Hickenlooper said at the prospect of indoor smoking venues. "I'm the first person to say we shouldn't have smoking in private clubs."

The current version of the bill would allow local governments to decide if it is something they would want.

So while marijuana users might be finding new allies in the House and Senate, as of now, lobbying efforts are still needed for the governor because he has the veto pen.