“Kong: Skull Island”-John Goodman Interview

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“Kong: Skull Island”- John Goodman Interview

Folks it's happened...he's arrived.. he hairy, he's got bad breath...and he ain't in a good mood . We're talking King Kong! 

We all know the 1933 classic and a lot of us grew up with the 1976 version.  Kong came back in 2005..so, is this fourth time the charm?

Kong, skull island takes place in the early 1970's ... at the end of the Vietnam War a team is assembled to explore an uncharted island .. as you might imagine ...things go wrong fast.  

Parente has seen the film and he loved it... great action, great effect and a great cast. John Goodman plays a government man obsessed with finding proof of Kong.

And it turns out, Goodman’s obsession with Kong started in childhood, just like Parente.