How to get a good night’s sleep

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Heather Smith from The Haute Bar shows us some key new products that will give you that edge to go-to-bed … sleep sound … and actually enjoy waking up!

A cuppa for maximum calm.  

Republic of Tea zzz's tea is the ideal herbal rest blend of organic rooibos, soothing chamomile, passionflower and the mellowing properties of valerian to gently lull yourself toward blissful sleep.

If you are not into steeping before sleeping ... do try a bottle of Dirty Lemon [SLEEP], this formula draws its function from a combination of functional herbs along with Magnesium and rose water to promote drowsiness and a sense of mental calm {it’s all about the mental calm} while supporting a more restful night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy in lieu of a bath.  

Essential oil blends are touted in activating the limbic system -- the emotional part of the brain, and key to how our body relaxes!  EO Everyone Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend RELAX is calming and soothing to help you wind down. This synergistic essential oil blend of Lavender, Lavandin, Orange, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense will help you relax.  To infuse your room and whole home with aromatherapy a gorgeous diffuser, like this one from Enduring Decor, is the way to do it! This desert diffuser works with ultrasonic, no-heat, aroma mist diffusion and even has a remote control and automatic shut get tucked and relax away.

Bliss in bed.  The essentials… an eye mask, the perfect pillow + blanket!

An eye mask is essential #1! Don’t let a sliver of light keep you up --- and there are many culprits in your room that would do this! Gasp. The glow from a clock, your phone, the hall light -- all these little things can throw off your sleep hormones and disturb sleep rhythms before you’re even set in for the night.  The Perpetual Shade silk sleep eye masks are sublime, comfy and block everything out for a luxurious darkness; and each one is made by hand in the U.S.

The Casper pillow is a must. It is actually a pillow-in-a-pillow designed to stay supportive, cool, and comfortable throughout the night — regardless of sleeping position. Just the right balance of squish and support, the inner pillow is supportive, while the outer pillow adds a soft comfort. Fine, silky fibers allow the pillow to keep its perfect shape, finished with breathable percale cotton to sleep cool all night long.

Drape yourself in a Hygge Life blanket, they are incredibly soft and lightweight 100% Turkish Cotton. Hygge is the Danish culture of staying cozy and really epitomizes all things comfy and calm especially as it pertains to sleeping sound!

The Wakey!

A little light and fluffy slippers! Waking up does not need to mean escaping your sleep bliss into the cold baron that is out-of-the-covers.   Instead of hitting the snooze button... now is the time to let a lil’ light on.  Reach over and turn this Edison the Petit by Fat Boy lamp on low.  Wireless with LED lights this little lamp is rechargeable and will a clean little modern touch to your bedside.

Slowly swing your legs out of bed and slip them into to some Minnetonka Moccasins to keep the warm cozzies going all morning until your coffee set in!  The day is yours.

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