DIA famous for flying and now fine dining

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DENVER -- About the last place on Earth you would expect fine dining is at the airport.

That has changed.

Denver International Airport was ranked No. 1 on the 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard released by RewardExpert.com, citing pricing, quality and variety.

"We are home to some of the most award-winning airport food locations in the country and in the world and we are extremely proud of that," DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery said.

Denver favorite eatery, Root Down, is at DIA. It has become a destination location for travelers.

There's also Cru Food and Wine Bar, which just recently was given another accolade by the International Food and Beverage Awards.

"We're talking every airport in the entire world. Cru was named the very best," Montgomery said.

Traveler Flossy Gray from New Hampshire was a bit surprised to find an eatery such as Cru in an airport.

"Not in Denver because you kind of think of it as a cowpoke town. Everybody has their cowboy boots on," Gray said.

Preconcieved notions notwithstanding, many folks are finding the time to dine by the light of the silvery plane.