14-month-old gets ‘evicted’ in viral pregnancy announcement

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ATLANTA — An Atlanta mom gave her 14-month-old daughter the most adorable eviction notice ever for her pregnancy announcement.

Sharana Horton posted photo of the note along with a sonogram of the soon-to-be-born baby boy to Instagram with her daughter, Summer, crying inside a crib.

The caption said: “EVICTION NOTICE: Please Note That Your “Only-Child” Status Will Expire Within 18 Weeks. You are required to VACATE the Premises as a New Tenant is Expected on June 25, 2017. -Thanks, Management aka Mommy and Da Da


The post has since gone viral with more than 15,000 likes.

“My husband came home and saw bags and boxes everywhere and said jokingly, ‘It looks like we’re getting evicted,’” Horton told BuzzFeed. “I then replied, ‘We’re not, but she is,’ and we just kind of took that and ran with it.”

Turns out Summer was crying after her dad took a piece of pizza crust away from her. They gave the crust back after 30 seconds.