Lawmaker quizzes Muslims: ‘Do you beat your wife?’

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Bennett posed other questions, such as whether Muslims supported terrorl

Bennett posed other questions, such as whether Muslims supported terrorlsts.

OKLAHOMA CITY — “Do you beat your wife?” That is the question an Oklahoma state representative wrote in a form handed out to Muslims.

According to the Associated Press, the questionnaire was distributed to attendees of the local Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Annual Muslim Day at the State Capitol.

The author of the form, Republican State Rep. John Bennett, once likened Islam to a cancer and asked attending Muslims to answer additional questions, such as whether former Muslims should be punished for leaving Islam.

Bennett reportedly refused to meet with Muslim constituents unless they answered the “quiz.”

A local official with the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the form contained “hateful, bigoted questions.”

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