Hundreds gather at Denver rally to support President Trump

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DENVER -- A rally in support of President Donald Trump was held at the State Capitol on Saturday.

Organizers called for a peaceful show of support at the March 4 Trump event. They said there were about 700 participants. The Colorado State Patrol, which manages security at the Capitol, estimated there were 300 to 500 people.

It was a show of unity against what organizers called a "seditious fringe" that's aiming to "sabotage" Trump's vision for the country.

"Mr. Trump has only the best interests of the United States at heart," Rob Wilkerson said.

Saturday's rally followed a string of anti-Trump events that started with women's marches the day after his inauguration.

"He's pro-American and that means every single person standing here today," said Rep. Ken Buck.

The group called for the country to unite behind Trump.

"I've had my hat knocked of my head. I've been threatened by a man, screamed at, spat on," Trump supporter Dan Mannix said.

About 40 minutes after the pro-Trump rally started, a few dozen counter protesters approached from Civic Center Park. Many were dressed in black. They wore masks over their faces and shouted obscenities.

A large group of Denver police officers helped maintain peace. But there were a handful of ugly incidents including a series of shouting matches between members of both sides.

"We're over here saying a prayer for peace and they're down there yelling obscenities and things like that and I mean it's unfortunate," Trump supporter Chelsea Thomas said.

Some of the counter protesters were from the group Occupy Denver. Denver police said that prompted extra security precautions because there were arrests at some previous Occupy Denver protests.

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