Berthoud girl lands role of stunt double in ‘Logan’

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BERTHOUD, Colo. -- Nayah Murphy's mother Stephanie knew her daughter was destined for big things.

"She's always been really bright. She's always tried really hard. Always tried to please everybody," Stephanie Murphy said.

A few years ago, Nayah began karate lessons.

"I started doing karate when I was 3," she said.

And now at 11, Nayah is the five-time North American Sport Karate champion. In 2016 Stephanie Murphy thought her daughter might have the chops for acting.

She submitted an audition tape for Hugh Jackman's latest and final film in the Wolverine series, "Logan."

"We put together just a tape of some of her moves," Stephanie Murphy said.

They must have been the right moves. Nayah landed the role as stunt double for actress Dafne Keen.

"My parents told me and I'm like, 'What?'" Nayah said.

"We were shocked. We were literally just beside ourselves. We still are, it's surreal," Murphy said.

Nayah spent the summer on location in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and California.

"I got dropped and carried and I practiced flips and did fight scenes," she said.

So, did she get bit by the bug?

"I really want to try acting," she said. "Like get into the movies and things like that."

"Logan" is out now and it's rated R. So in six years maybe Nayah Murphy can see the movie she was in.