Baby giraffe at Denver Zoo receives plasma transfusion after health scare

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DENVER -- The Denver Zoo is getting extra help to care for and treat newborn giraffe Dobby, who has had trouble standing and nursing.

Dobby, who was born Tuesday, underwent a plasma transfusion Thursday that was made possible by a donation from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The transfusion was made in an effort to help boost Dobby's immune system and to fight infections.

Dobby has had difficult nursing, with blood tests showing the giraffe wasn't getting enough infection-fighting proteins from his mother Kipele, zoo officials said

“We remain optimistic that Dobby’s health will improve. However, we are taking his condition seriously. We have also provided Dobby with antibiotics to treat infection in his system and are monitoring his blood daily,” Denver Zoo associate veterinarian Betsy Stringer said.

Dobby measured 5 feet and 73 pounds, which are small figures for a newborn giraffe, officials said.

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