Truck goes airborne during dramatic chase in Louisiana

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DIXIE INN, La. — A dramatic, violent end to a police chase in Louisiana was caught on tape.

“Our guys did their job, they did it well,” Sheriff Gary Sexton said.

It began rather routinely for a Webster Parish deputy, who, an hour before, had pulled over the driver of a pickup truck for speeding.

“Pulled the individual over,” Sexton said. “One individual got out and came toward the officer. As he came toward the officer, the vehicle sped away.”

A passenger in the truck was 18-year-old Kevonte Austin, who was wanted out of Caddo Parish for escape.

Austin slipped behind the steering wheel during the traffic stop and sped off. The deputy handcuffed the driver and quickly gave chase.

“He came back through going 90 mph,” witness Randy Sayers said.

Sayers said he watched the high-speed chase pass by him near the town of Springhill, where speeds reached 115 mph.

“He was moving,” Sayers said.

About 30 minutes later, Sayers was making deliveries near Dixie Inn.

“I came here and see the outcome of this and thank God he didn’t kill nobody,” Sayers said.

The Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office said it was determined not to let Austin race through the main intersection in Dixie Inn at triple-digit speeds.

“A block was set up to keep him from going through the intersection at over 100 mph, which would have been the possibility of fatalities at that intersection,” Sexton said.

And only slight more incredible than watching Austin’s airborne antics was the fact someone was inside a vehicle when the truck landed on top of it.

“I saw the underside of a vehicle coming at me, right at my face, and I went to the right sitting in my car,” Barbara Harlon said.

She made a quick move to the right toward the passenger seat, the only part of the vehicle not flattened from Austin’s fall from justice.

“I felt around to see if i was hurt and could tell that I was OK,” Harlon said. “God was with me.”

Authorities later determined the truck Austin was driving during the chase had been stolen.

The person put into handcuffs at the start of the chase was also taken into custody, but it’s unclear what, if any, charges he will face.