Front Range Medical Center Offering Advanced Treatment for Neuropathy

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You may have heard of Peripheral Neuropathy- it's a condition where there's damage to the nerves in your feet and legs, or hands and arms. This can be a devastating condition causing pain, numbness, tingling and burning. It can slowly progress over many years and can become more severe and debilitating. Peripheral Neuropathy affects an estimated 20 million Americans.

Dr. Dean Anderson is a Chiropractor at Front Range Medical Center, an integrated health clinic. He joined us in studio to discuss an advancement in treatment that is providing great results and offering hope for many of those suffering from Neuropathy.

If you're one of the many people who have been told there is nothing that can be done to relieve the pain of neuropathy, then Doctor Dean Anderson wants to give you a free screening. It includes a look at your personal health history, a confidential questionnaire and a neuropathy exam to determine if you're a candidate for treatment. It's a $120 value, but he's offering it free for Colorado's Best viewers. Appointments for this free screening are limited, so call Dr. Dean Anderson now at Front Range Medical Center at (720)851-9694.