Broomfield businesses warned about counterfeit $100 bills

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Businesses in Broomfield are on alert for fake money as police are warning employees to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills.

Fake $100 bills have turned up at businesses along Highway 287, the Broomfield Police Department said. Officers are looking for at least two suspects.

At Brothers BBQ, employees are not taking any chances.

"We look at 20s, 50s and 100s," said assistant manager Alexis Hall. "No matter if they've been our regular customers, we check every single bill."

Brothers employees, although not victimized in the metro area's latest counterfeit spree, know what it's like to find fake money in their cash register drawer.

"We're counting down bills and there's a $100 bill that's counterfeit," Hall said. "You just lost $100 and pretty much gave that person free food."

That loss hits consumers in the end.

Broomfield officers are looking for a man spotted near Highway 287 and Midway Boulevard as well as a woman who got away from Highway 287 and Miramonte Boulevard in a Silver 2009 Hyundai Genesis.

Police were not able to give detailed descriptions of the suspects. Anyone with information should call the Broomfield Police Department.

The security stripe on U.S. paper money will glow a bright color under a black light. Each denomination appears differently.

  • $100 bill glows pink
  • $50 bill glows yellow
  • $20 bill glows green
  • $10 bill glows orange
  • $5 bill glows blue