Amazing New Skin-Tightening Treatment

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Listen to what people are saying about the newest skin-tightening treatment available in Denver:"I still look like me, but now it's just a really refreshed looking me." "Friends know something is different, but they don't know what." These are real quotes from real clients! The man making it happen is Doctor Jack Zamora, renowned facial plastic surgeon from Jack Zamora, MD Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics. Be the next to refresh your look with the revolutionary J-Plazty, only available with Dr. Jack Zamora.

Dr. Z is offering Colorado's Best viewers an exclusive deal... Get a $1,000 spa credit to use with your J-Plazty procedure. Just text 303 FACE to 95577 to take advantage of this special offer. If you want to reach Dr. Zamora, the number is (303) 780-7377, and you can learn more online at