Video of arrests in Leadville leads to investigation of deputies

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LEADVILLE, Colo. — The district attorney’s office is investigating claims of police misconduct after a video of Lake County deputies making an arrest was posted on YouTube.

The video was posted by Jeanette Cayetano on Monday.

The video shows one deputy holding a man face down on the kitchen floor with his arms behind his back. Another deputy is nearby, attempting to handcuff a woman.

The woman recording the video is yelling and a baby can be heard crying in the background.

“You guys don’t have the right to open the door like that! We didn’t want to open the door! You guys can’t do that! You guys know that!” the woman recording the video yells. “You don’t have a warrant to get in the house, do you?”

The video shows both deputies kneeling on the man on the ground.

“Stop doing that! Stop, please!” the woman yells. “You’re choking my dad!”

The woman recording the video translates instructions into Spanish for the woman in handcuffs.

“You guys don’t have warrants to knock out the door,” the woman holding the cellphone says.

According to the district attorney’s office, the arrests took place at about 10 p.m. on Feb. 24 at 150 Highway 300 in Leadville.

“The Office of the District Attorney has opened an investigation into alleged officer misconduct occurring in Lake County,” officials stated. “The investigation will include an analysis of video taken by a civilian, reports of officers and interviews with witnesses.

“The opening of an investigation is not a comment upon the actions of those involved but a typical step in matters involving use of force. It is not believed that any serious injury resulted from the episode.”

The district attorney’s office did not confirm whether the deputies had a warrant.

Warning: The video contains graphic language.