Outdoor Retailer Show set to leave Utah; lawmakers pitch Colorado as new host

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Outdoor Retailer Show might say goodbye to Utah and, if local lawmakers get their way, move to Colorado.

Outdoor Retailer is a biannual show that attracts thousands of people and millions of dollars. The show features outdoor gear, including the newest products offered by industry leaders.

Lawmakers are attracted to the massive revenue that accompanies the show. An estimated $45 million padded Utah’s economy thanks to the market.

( Photo by: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The show has been held in Salt Lake City for over 20 years. ( Photo by: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The powerful outdoor industry event announced it might leave Utah for good in response to the Utah Legislature’s resolution calling for President Donald Trump to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument.

Gov. Gary Herbert signed the resolution.

Patagonia and other large retailer vowed to boycott the show in Utah in response to the controversial resolution.

President Barack Obama created Bears Ears National Monument as one of his final acts in office.

Outdoor Retailer is under contract to remain in Salt Lake City through 2018, but the organization said it might break the contract and make the move before then.

It has not made a definitive decision to move though it is “exploring locations.”

A statement said that such a move would be “a complicated process involving many moving parts.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper, Sen. Michael Bennet and Sen. Cory Gardner wrote an open letter to the Outdoor Retailer Show outlining Colorado as a perfect host for the event.

“Colorado is unmatched in the opportunities to connect with outdoor enthusiasts,” Hickenlooper said. “We truly believe the show will not only find a new awesome home here but will also land new audiences.”

Lawmakers in Oregon are making their case to host to the show. The Outdoor Retailer Show has been held in Utah for more than 20 years.