Denver apartment tenants dealing with leaking walls, ceilings and dishwashers

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DENVER -- Tenants of a west Denver apartment complex are seeking help from the FOX31 Problem Solvers, saying they're living in deplorable conditions that could be affecting their health.

Water is leaking through the walls and ceilings of some units. One tenants said it even seeps into his dishwasher and floods his kitchen floor. The source of the water is unknown.


Damage from leaking water in a west Denver apartment unit.

"The wall is damp at times. It's in the cabinets and it comes through our sink. It leaves a horrible stench. It's unbearable," said Richard Pineada, a tenant of the Stratford Plaza Apartments.

Pineda, his wife and their three young kids have lived in the complex for five years. They don't use the stove-top to cook. Instead, it holds plastic tubs that catch water dripping from the ceiling.


Damage from leaking water in a west Denver apartment unit.

The Pinedas also haven't used their dishwasher in four years because every other day it fills up with brown water.

"That's an every other day thing. It fills up and it pours out over the floor. Where it's coming from, I don't know," said Pineda.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The family has gone weeks at a time without heat and hot water, and the bugs are sometimes unbearable.

"My wife and I spend hundreds of dollars just keeping mice out, bedbugs, cockroaches," Pineda said.


Damage from leaking water in a west Denver apartment unit.

Other tenants also reported similar problems with their apartment units. Some say they've called the property manager dozens of times, but the problems haven't been addressed.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers called the landlord late Monday afternoon and were promised the property manager would call to discuss tenant's concerns, but that didn't happen.