Thornton woman says she was shot by ex-boyfriend; search ongoing

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THORNTON, Colo. -- A Thornton family is turning to the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help after they say a man shot their daughter shortly after their relationship ended.

Samantha Barrett, 19, survived but the man who shot her is still on the loose.

It was a week ago when Barrett went to a friend’s house to hang out and saw her typical Saturday night turn terrifying.

“My ex-boyfriend showed up,” she said. “We had been broken up for a few weeks. He came to the door to talk to me, I asked my friend if he could ask him to leave and I went back to the room.”

But her ex-boyfriend didn’t leave. He hopped over the backyard fence and approached the room Barrett was in.

“I walked over to the window and I saw him there and I told him he needed to leave,” she said. “I went to talk away from him and within a split second he shot me in the back.”

Barrett says at that moment, she went numb.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be paralyzed, I didn’t know if I got hit somewhere where I would have internal injuries, I am just very lucky I am still here,” she said.

No major organs were hit and surgeons said the bullet was just centimeters away from causing major damage. Barrett spent four days recovering in the hospital and will require additional rehabilitation.

“I’ve been through a lot of pain, I’ve been really sick and have two fractured ribs,” she said.

Barrett said the physical pain will eventually go away, but it’s the mental pain that won’t as long as her ex-boyfriend and the man she says shot her, 18-year-old Anthony Powers, is still on the streets.

“This is someone I was with for five years,” she said. “I never thought he would do something like this. Try to take my life.”

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and is looking for Powers. Barrett said she has a message for the man she once trusted.

“I wish he would turn himself in,” she said. “Don’t be a coward, own up to what you did. You did this to me, take responsibility.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office.