Protester tries to snatch Confederate flag during live news report

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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A reporter was live on TV outside the College of Charleston on Wednesday when a man ran through the shot, jumped and ran through two strips of police tape, and tried to snatch a Confederate flag away from another man.

Members of South Carolina's Secessionist Party protested outside the Sottile Theater where Bree Newsome was speaking.

Newsome became famous two years ago after ripping the Confederate flag from a poll on South Carolina's statehouse grounds.

She returned to Charleston on Wednesday to present a lecture on her actions.

The visit sparked dueling protests by groups including Black Lives Matter on the college campus.

According to WCSC, the man who tried to run away with the Confederate flag on Wednesday was Muhiyidin Moye, the leader of Black Lives Matter in Charleston. He was charged with disorderly conduct, WCSC reported.

Newsome was arrested the day she removed the flag but the charges were later dropped.

In July 2015, South Carolina lawmakers voted to permanently remove the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds.