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Problem Solvers test apartment for mold where terminal cancer patient lives

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DENVER -- Shirley Sasse said she suspects exposure to toxic mold sent her to the doctor with a swollen face and respiratory problems, but she’s more concerned about her sister Josie.

Josie is enduring the last stages of terminal cancer, but must sleep on the living room couch.

She said her bedroom at Ruby Hill Residences in Denver is too close to a closet that smells toxic and has shown dark spots on the walls.

Sasse acknowledges the management has sent in crews to check out the walls for moisture, but wants a mold test done.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers helped to investigate by arranging for a test by Bob Hunt of Mold Express.

The findings from the EMLab P & K facility show mold spores exist in the air.

Hunt explained to Sasse that he found a “high level in the closet area and in the bedroom area where your sister is staying so that's not a safe environment.”

Sasse was shocked at the results, crying “What are they going to do let her lay in it until she dies? I want them to get her out of the unit place her in another unit.”

Burgwyn Residential Management showed great concern and  explained it already has a remediation company on site.

As far as the possibility of moving Sasse to another unit, the representative said, “Hers is an accessible apartment so if we have another one available then yes.”

Sasse Shirley said it is a step in the right direction, and hopes there can be a resolution soon.