Brazen burglars hitting Stapleton neighborhoods captured on camera

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DENVER -- A Stapleton neighborhood is on alert after three brazen burglars were captured on video breaking into a house in broad daylight when no one was home.

Jennifer Knowles is in shock because it was so brazen and happened right after 2 p.m. when she's normally at home.

While she was away with her young sons at the Denver Zoo, security cameras show three suspects broke through her back door, and ran into the house and upstairs.

“I feel so upset. I am so scared. I didn't sleep at all last night. I just kept picturing those people breaking into our door running up our stairs," she said. "What if we were home? What if I was just in the room and didn't hear them?”

When the motion sensor upstairs triggered a loud alarm, the burglars scrambled downstairs and out the backdoor, stealing one of her son’s telescopes.

The Denver Police Department said this is at least the sixth burglary fitting the same pattern since early January.

"The police have been talking to us as a community about crimes that have been going on.," Knowles said.

The video shows the burglars in masks, dark clothing and gloves, and one wearing a distinctive blue jacket with a stripe.

Police hope someone will be able to identify and report them before they strike again.

But after seven years in Stapleton, the images have left Knowles feeling violated.

"I've got three small kids," she said. "I'm home alone a lot. I don't feel safe. I'm beyond upset and scared and disappointed and worried.”