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Warm, dry conditions hurting snowplow businesses

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DENVER -- Everybody loves sunshine and 70 degrees, especially when it comes in February. Except for guys like Brent Haase.

“They’ve just been sitting here not doing anything,” Haase said about his fleet of 70 snowplows, 10 front-end loaders and many more snow-removal machines.

The last time there was measurable snowfall in Denver was Jan. 16, with just more than 2 inches falling that day. Snow-removal businesses like Haase's Lightning Mobile are hoping that changes very soon.

“On average, we would have invoiced out between anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000, depending upon the snowfall,” Haase said about the past 37 days without measurable snowfall. “It hurts everyone that works for us.”

Haase added that if the dry spell continues, it could cost his company several hundred thousand dollars.

“Those who just do snow-removal operations for us, they have their families to support and it greatly affects all of us,” he said.