Ads for roommates now including ‘no Trump supporters’ clause

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DENVER — Finding a roommate you can get along with can be a struggle. Will they be messy or neat? Do they love dogs? Will they be loud or respect your need for quiet?

Now, for some people seeking roommates, the extreme vetting also includes asking candidates whether they support President Donald Trump.

A search on Craigslist for the Denver area and found six ads that specifically ruled out Trump supporters.

“I don’t usually make these things political, but if you support our current president this will not be a good fit, sorry.”

“If you voted for Trump, don’t bother, bro.”

“MUST be a decent human being (Trump supporters need not apply).”

The Fort Collins area found one ad ruling out people who don’t support Trump.

“And if you’re in the “not my president” crowd it really won’t work out ;-)”