Prosthetic limbs among items stolen from nonprofit sports shop in Copper Mountain

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COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. -- Adaptive Action Sports is a nonprofit organization that serves those with permanent disabilities. It provides the tools and teaching for snowboarding.

“It gives them an outlet to go out and have that freedom to move and show them there’s a life after their amputation or disease or whatever affliction they might have,” AAS coach Bryant Boucher said.

Earlier this week, the shop at Copper Mountain Village was burglarized. Thousands of dollars worth of cameras and production gear were stolen, as well as some of the athletes' gear.

But the organization is most concerned with the prosthetic limbs the thieves got away with.

“Everything else is replaceable,” Boucher said. “But those legs cost about $20,000 apiece, and the time and effort that goes in to making those legs and get those prosthetics together for the athletes -- it’s devastating.”

Boucher said the loss couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Currently, its athletes are training for the 2018 Paralympic Games in South Korea. Many are already members of the U.S. Paralympic team, while some others are working hard to get there.

“Really, right now is the ramp-up to the 2018 games,” Boucher said. “It’s a huge distraction for the athletes. It’s devastating.”

Adaptive Action Sports is taking donations on its website. Homegrown Tap and Dough in Denver and Arvada will also host a monthlong fundraiser.