Consumer Reports: Haggling over electronics really works

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DENVER -- The next time you are looking to buy a new TV, laptop or other device, you might want to try haggling for a better price. A survey by Consumer Reports shows very few people try to negotiate a better price, but those who do can really save.

The survey found 70 percent of shoppers who did ask for a discount on a TV were successful, and on average saved more than $100.

“A lot of people think it’s got to be the smaller mom and pops, but these are mainstream retailers,” said Sandra Hanna, CEO of

“You can start bundling items. So if you need a television, and one of those wall mounts systems, then say if we package that together and I buy those both today could we do a 10 percent discount?”

She said if you can’t get the price down, you can ask for a free warranty or free delivery.

These negotiating skills can work online as well.

Hanna said place your item in the cart, and then exit out of the site. Then send an email to customer service with your request.

Consumer Reports says shoppers had more success negotiating online, than they did in person. 69 percent were successful and they received average savings of $93.