Love is lovelier the second time around

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DENVER -- A frequent question people will ask 95-year-old Fran Shedd and 89-year-old Roberta Stoddard is, 'How long have you been together?' Their answer may surprise you.

"This guy said, 'Well hello, how long have you been married?' We looked at each other and said, we're not," Stoddard said.

Fran, a widower, and Roberta, a widow, live at Clermont Retirement Community in Denver. It's well appointed with lots to do.

But there was just something about Roberta that caught Fran's eye.

"We found we had many things in common. We grew up in Iowa, we have Navy experience and we enjoy other things like eating out," Shedd said.

"He's very considerate. I've never been treated this well in my life," Stoddard said.

Shedd and Stoddard are in love, so any advice?

"I don't think we're in a position to tell somebody how to run their life. They know what's good for them and we think we know what's good for us."