Insurance company cancels policy over Facebook photo

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TIMBERLAKE, N.C. -- A North Carolina woman said her insurance was canceled because of a picture of her dog on Facebook.

Melina Efthimiadis and her husband said they are low-risk clients. But when they tried to add personal umbrella liability to their homeowners' insurance, Nationwide canceled their policy, according to WTVD.

Efthimiadis said she had included the family's three dogs -- a Shih Tzu, a hound and a Labrador/hound mix -- on the application, but the company claimed it had failed to disclose they owned a Rottweiler mix, considered a dangerous breed.

The mixup apparently came from Efthimiadis' Facebook photo of her dogs playing in the snow.

"They sent us the pictures that they had taken off of my Facebook page of my dog Zeus who is a Lab/hound mix," she told WTVD.

Efthimiadis, who works as a veterinarian, was able to prove it to the company and Nationwide Insurance reversed its decision.

In the end, Efthimiadis said she decided to switch to another insurance company.

"Be careful of what you post on Facebook," she told the station. "It's sad that you can't post pictures of your beloved pet on your own Facebook page and have it public."