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A ‘Purveyor of Fake News’ might get White House press credentials

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WASHINGTON — As part of a planned expansion of its coverage, conservative news blog The Gateway Pundit is reportedly working to secure permanent White House press credentials.

If successful, the site could join the ranks of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed as digital-native outlets that secured ongoing access to White House press briefings, and are part of the rotating pool of reporters that travel with the president and brief the rest of the media.

Permanent White House credentials are issued by the administration, and are a requirement for pool duty, which is determined by the White House Correspondents Association.

In a statement Friday to its readers, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft said: “With the false narratives that the liberal media is continuously spinning, we see the expansion of more conservative new media as vital to keeping the public truly informed. The best way for us to serve you and bring as much information to you as possible it [sic] through solid reporting from the capital.”

Hoft and Lucian Wintrich, a conservative writer and artist recently hired as Gateway Pundit’s Washington correspondent, attended a presidential news conference Monday on a day pass, which is available to many media outlets. Neither Hoft nor Wintrich responded to a request for comment.

The possible credentialing of Gateway Pundit, which became prominent for its provocative, pro-Donald Trump coverage during the election, is symbolic of the White House’s shift from traditional media toward outwardly right-wing outlets.

The site has been dubbed a “purveyor of fake news,” even by conservative journalists.

Earlier this month, conservative radio show host Lars Larson was one of the first Skype correspondents to join the White House press briefing.