New dating app pairs singles based on mutual hatred for things

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DENVER — A new dating app will pair up singles with others who can’t stand the same things you can’t stand.

Hater is a dating app that launches on Wednesday but is in beta for iOS.

The app has more than 2,000 topics to choose from, including politics, fashion choices, slow walkers and paying extra for guacamole.

Hater first has you swipe down for hate, up for love, right for like and left for dislike or opt out for neutral. Users also have the option to press down to see how others responded.

Once the user does this for a while, they will be matched with others who hate the same things.

The app was created by Brendan Alper, a former Goldman Sachs employee turned comedian. He said the idea started as a joke but thought it would be a great real-life app.

Currently, the app is only available to iOS users, but the company is hoping to make it available to Android users by the spring.