Guide to getting to the mountains without a personal vehicle

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DENVER -- CoPIRG Foundation and Snowriders International unveiled a new guide Tuesday that features 16 ways snow lovers can get to the mountains without taking their personal vehicle.

The options include the Colorado Department of Transportation's SnowStang, which will run on Feb. 11 and Feb. 25, and take people from the Federal Center in Golden to several popular ski resorts.

It also includes the Amtrak Winter Park Express ski train, the Front Range Ski Bus, RTD’s N Line bus to Eldora, as well as shuttles from Denver International Airport to carpooling connections.

“For years, the only real way for Coloradans to get to the ski slopes has been to drive their personal car,” said Danny Katz, director of the CoPIRG Foundation.

“Given there’s only a couple of routes and thousands of us are going to just a handful of places, all of us driving our own cars is completely inefficient. However, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of options people have to get to their favorite mountains without driving their own vehicle.”